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Lipp's KomBio reactors are made up of a digestion basin and a biogas storing ARGA. Unlike other anaerobic digestion systems, Lipp's KomBio reactors are made of stainless steel, which lengthens their lifespan. Their heating system consists of a network of high-energy transfer heating pipes located between the isolating panels and the metal wall. Since the heating pipes are never in contact with the corrosive substrates, the efficiency of this heat transfer is constant through the bioreactor's lifespan.

The assembly process is based on the Lipp double-fold-system and allows for both quick assembly of the anaerobic digester and for a watertight reservoir. Further, the anaerobic digester's internal mixer is installed on the side to limit mixing near the top of the digester. Substrates that have not yet been fully digested are therefore kept in place as the digester is filled. This eliminates the need for an additional system to recuperate the residual Biogas outside the digestate reservoirs. Its position on the side also means the mixer can be smaller. As a result, it has a shorter transmission shaft, making it a resistant part with an energy-efficient motor.

Lipp Double - Fold System

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